Ross Haul

I love a good deal and I can usually find one at Ross.  I went last week just “looking” and came out with a suit, a dress, two shirts, face powder and a make up bag.

This shirt is from Missy Andrea and is priced at originally $30.00, Ross price $8.99 and I found on clearance  for $6.49


This grey suit is from Sweet Suit; originally $39.00, Ross price $19.99, marked down on clearance to $17.99.  I have a hard time finding suits sets that fit my body.  I have a smaller upper body and a larger lower body so to get the pants/skirts to fit I have to buy a size or two larger then I need in the jacket.  This one fit pretty well, the jacket is a bit too big but I can get away with not having to have it altered.  I also seem to have a problem finding suit sets that have skirts that are a good length.  Most are a little to short for my taste or they are a little to long and make me look frumpy.  I had never heard of this brand so I looked it up online.  According to their website this line was  developed in conjunction with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

photo (3)

This shirt is from Lavish; original price $32.00, Ross price $10.99, clearance sale $7.49

photo (1)

This is probably my favorite purchase of the night. This dress is from Olivia Matthews; originally $29.00, Ross price $16.99.  The dress is more of a mint color but in the lighting I took the picture it looks like a darker green. I know this is called a “hi-low” dress but I  fondly refer to this style of clothing with a shorter front and longer back as a “mullet dress” .

photo (2)

Love the pattern on these Steve Madden make up bags.  Originally priced at $38.00, Ross price $16.99, clearance price $13.99

photo (4)

I have been testing out different translucent powders, which I will do a post about at some point.  I was thrilled to find Physicians Formula Organic Wear Translucent Powder at Ross.  Original price $13.95, Ross price $3.99.

photo (5)

Including Tax I spend a total of $71.63. Adding together what all of this would have cost at original price my total could have been $194.68 (including tax); that is a savings of $123.05!!! 

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