Ulta Haul and the Story of the Sewer Lip Crayon…

My mom and I had a girls day and went to the Verizon store for them to tell me there was nothing they could do about my phone losing time, lunch, a movie (The Man from U.N.C.L.E  Soooo good had bad reviews which means it’s awesome) and then some shopping at Ross, Ulta and Versona. All that to say I’m going to share what I picked up from Ulta; and tell you the tale of the Sewer Lip Crayon.

Maybelline was buy one get one 50% off so I picked up my old favorite Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer in the Brightener shade and something new for me to try the Oil Control Translucent Pressed Powder in Soft Cameo.  I haven’t used it yet but I’ll give an update when I do.

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I’ve been using the Simple Micellar Water after cleansing to make sure I get all my makeup off and I have just a tiny bit left so I decided to pick up the All Bright Micellar Cleanser from Boots.  Also haven’t used this yet but I’ll let you know if it’s as good or not as the Simple.  Also I’ve never used Bioderma which is what I would consider the Grandfather (would that be grandmother..?) of Micellar Cleansers/Waters.


I was in search of a volumizng powder since mine disappeared… I found the Batiste XXL Plumping Powder and I have used this and it works pretty well.

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I have heard great things about the Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation so I thought why not add to my foundation collection and give this one a try?  (sidenote I’m almost out of my Revlon Colorstay so I justified this purchase…  🙂 ) Guess what people?  This Foundation is the bomb dot com.  For real it is my new Favorite.  It is medium to full coverage and it somehow looks better the longer you wear it.


I also picked up the Philosophy Here Comes the Bride kit just so I could get the *free gift* which was this awesome Weekender Bag!  The Philosophy Kit will go to good use as I’m sure I’ll have a bride to gift it to at some point 🙂 


My sister in law bought my mom a makeup kit from Ulta and my mom fell in love with one of the lip crayons in the kit named Love Story.  While my mom was visiting my sister in Colorado she was applying her makeup in the car (does everyone’s mom do this or just mine…?) My mom opened her car door at a stop sign because it wasn’t closed all the way and her lip crayon which was on her lap fell off and rolled down the street into a sewer drain.  You can’t make this stuff up people.  So we were on a hunt to find her a replacement lip crayon in the color Love Story.  Our Ulta was out of that color so I ordered it online for her but the story was too good to not share.  I placed the order a few days after our visit so I texted her and let her know that I had ordered her ‘Two sewer lip crayons’ 


*Ulta is running the promotion online and in the store until the 29th of this month. Spend $30 on Fragrance and get this bag for free*

Ross Haul

I love a good deal and I can usually find one at Ross.  I went last week just “looking” and came out with a suit, a dress, two shirts, face powder and a make up bag.

This shirt is from Missy Andrea and is priced at originally $30.00, Ross price $8.99 and I found on clearance  for $6.49


This grey suit is from Sweet Suit; originally $39.00, Ross price $19.99, marked down on clearance to $17.99.  I have a hard time finding suits sets that fit my body.  I have a smaller upper body and a larger lower body so to get the pants/skirts to fit I have to buy a size or two larger then I need in the jacket.  This one fit pretty well, the jacket is a bit too big but I can get away with not having to have it altered.  I also seem to have a problem finding suit sets that have skirts that are a good length.  Most are a little to short for my taste or they are a little to long and make me look frumpy.  I had never heard of this brand so I looked it up online.  According to their website this line was  developed in conjunction with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

photo (3)

This shirt is from Lavish; original price $32.00, Ross price $10.99, clearance sale $7.49

photo (1)

This is probably my favorite purchase of the night. This dress is from Olivia Matthews; originally $29.00, Ross price $16.99.  The dress is more of a mint color but in the lighting I took the picture it looks like a darker green. I know this is called a “hi-low” dress but I  fondly refer to this style of clothing with a shorter front and longer back as a “mullet dress” .

photo (2)

Love the pattern on these Steve Madden make up bags.  Originally priced at $38.00, Ross price $16.99, clearance price $13.99

photo (4)

I have been testing out different translucent powders, which I will do a post about at some point.  I was thrilled to find Physicians Formula Organic Wear Translucent Powder at Ross.  Original price $13.95, Ross price $3.99.

photo (5)

Including Tax I spend a total of $71.63. Adding together what all of this would have cost at original price my total could have been $194.68 (including tax); that is a savings of $123.05!!! 

Beauty Haul from Walmart

I went to Walmart last weekend to pick up some food (because I need to eat) and needed a few Beauty items.  Of course need and want are two different things and I fulfilled both….

photo (7)

Now some of this probably doesn’t look like beauty items, i.e. the Monistat Anti-Chafing Gel and the Milk of Magnesia.  But surprisingly they do have a use in your beauty routine!

photo (8)

Milk of Magnesia $3.57 

I use milk of magnesia as a primer of sorts.  I put it in a little spray bottle (also at Walmart  97 cents) and mist on my face after cleansing and toning.  Just a few sprays will work 2 or 3, don’t over do it or your face will have a white cast and feel very tight like you are wearing a mask. I was at first skeptical but this really helps keep the oil at bay and I don’t have to touch up my make up every hour because it won’t melt off!


Monistat Anti-Chafing Gel $5.98

You may have heard of using this clear gel that dries to a powder finish as a primer.  Yes you read that correctly a feminine product being used as a face primer.  Today is the first day that I have tried this and so far so good.  I will follow up in a few weeks to give a full review and let you know my results.  Apparently from what I read the ingredient list for the Anti-Chafing Gel and Smashbox Photo Finish Primer are the same.  I confirmed this by reading the ingredient list on the gel and checking Sephora’s website for the Photo Finish Primer and they are nearly identical.


***Using the milk of magnesia and the anti-chafing gel together costs $9.55.  Smashbox Photo Finish Primer costs $36.00. You get half an ounce more of the chafing gel then you do in Photo Finish Primer and the Milk Of Magnesia will last for about 6-8 months.  So you really save more then $26.55 !! ***

Revlon Colorstay in 180 Sand Beige Combination/Oily $9.98

I bought Revlon Colorstay last year after hearing the rave reviews about it.  I bought it, and was not impressed.  The foundation did not stay on my face, transferred off very easily and did nothing to control my oil silo of a face.  For whatever reason I kept it even though I never used it and rediscovered it this weekend while cleaning out my make up bags.  Before I threw it in the trash can I gave it a once over and imagine my surprise when I saw the words Normal/Dry Skin…. WHAT?!?!?   Well no wonder I had problems, my skin is anything but dry and my mother always told me normal was a setting on the washing machine. I know myself and I thought for sure I would have checked to make sure I was getting the correct type of foundation for my skin.  I went to Walmart last night and headed to the Revlon section to find Colorstay in combination/oily.  Seems I am not completely nuts as the combination/dry and combination/oily foundations were all mixed in together…. Have not used this yet but when I do I will also write a review. 


Yes to Carrots Lip Butter in Mint  $2.97

I have been using EOS lip balm since last summer. In the past several months my lips have gotten very dry and chapped.  I quit using the EOS lip balm and my lips seem to do much better.  I did a quick Google search and it seems I am not the only one who has been using EOS for months and then suddenly it starts to dry out your lips.  I decided to give Yes to Carrots Lip Butter a try, so far so good, very moisturizing and I like the scent of mint. 


Vaseline Lip Therapy in Cocoa Butter $1.44

Vaseline is always my go to for super dry lips and I thought I might need to use it for a few days to clear up whatever EOS did to me.  And this tiny jar is sooo cute!!! 


Clean and Clear Morning Glow Moisturizer  $4.97

I have been using Lush’s Imperialis Moisturizer but it is to heavy for me during the summer.  I like their Vanishing Cream but at $45.97 it is quite a bit of money to spend and I don’t have a lush near me which means I would have to order online and pay shipping which is about $8.00…So you can see my dilemma.  I thought I would give this moisturizer a try and it has SPF 15 which is nice.   

300 (1)

NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in Sunny  $2.74

I have watched several YouTube video gurus mention this product so I thought I would give it a try.  It looks matte which I like and I think the color looks a little dark for me but I have started using a fan brush to apply blush and bronzer that I think is too dark and it seems to work pretty well. 


L’Oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions Mascara in Black  $7.97

I have heard great things about this mascara and you all know I can’t pass up trying a new one…. I haven’t given this one a go yet but when I do a full review will follow.


Do you have any unusual beauty tips?  What are your favorite drug store products?  Have you tired any of these products that are new to me, if so let me know in the comments what you think!!!