December 2013 Birchbox


It’s that time of the month again, albeit a little late for me… but better late than never! It’s time to see what I got in my Birchbox; December’s theme is Sparkle and Shine.  Let’s dive into this box of amazingness and see what I received!

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First thing I see is my Lifestyle extra which is a Mike Chocolate Forutne cookie from Emily’s Chocolates! This box is off to an amazing start… and it tastes like a chocolate covered fortune cookie… really no surprise there but I am always happy to eat chocolate so no disappointment here! And sidenote is it just me or have fortune cookie fortunes gone from fortunes to words of advice?  Things like, “Those who speak kind words have many friends.” (Got that last week) Yeah that is what I seem to be getting lately and disappointment…I didn’t get a fortune in my cookie! Oh well…

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Second is BeeKind Body Lotion.  BeeKind is an Eco-Friendly line and this lotion softens with honey and chamomile.  The package says that a portion of the proceeds support honey bee and sustainable pollination research so that is cool.  The lotion consistency is about a medium it’s not super thick but it is not super thin either.  It absorbs very quickly into the skin and my skin does feel very soft.  The scent reminds of a citrus cleaner my mom used when I was a kid…It is not a bad scent for me I like citrus scents but it could be a little to “earthy” for some people.

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Next is Nourishing and Plumping Lip Gloss from Secret Agent Beauty in Foreign Intelligence Flirt (haha Love the name!) this is a shimmery formula with peppermint oil and menthol so it is super minty and as it is a plumping gloss it does have a tingling sensation.  I like it and the color really sheers out.  However it did taste kind of weird when I took a sip of my coke…so there’s that.

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Hairspray hairspray!  Can’t have enough travel size hairsprays, this is from Number 4 and is their Non-Aerosol Hairspray.  I have a clarifying shampoo from Number 4 that I really like so I am excited to try this. I sprayed this on my hand because I wanted to see how sticky it was and how it smelled.  Good news on both parts!  It did not make my hand sticky in the least so I am interested to see how it holds.  Also the scent reminds me of something and I can’t put my hand on it…it is a fruity/lite floral scent but I have smelled something like this before, and I think it was another hair product…

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And last is a product from betty&ko called The Betty Polish and it smells A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! First glance this doesn’t look like anything special but it smells like buttery cookie dough!  the information card says it is a “yummy vanilla-almond scrub that leaves skin glowing”.  Seriously I want to eat it, it smells that good!

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All in all I think this is good box and I am excited about using all of the products!

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Full Size Information::

BeeKind Body Lotion $15

Betty&ko The Betty Polish $48

Number 4 Non Aerosol Hairspray $30

Secret Agent Beauty Nourishing & Plumping Lip Gloss in Foreign Intelligence Flirt $18

Emily’s Chocolate Mike Chocolate Fortune Cookies $5.99 

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