Steal and Deal From Tophatter!!

So sorry for the lack of post over the past month… I went on vacation with the intention of writing a few posts and as you can tell, I didn’t write a single one!  But while I was on vacation I did some online shopping and had a few goodies waiting for me when I got home!

If you are a regular reader you know my obsession (and its not so healthy…) with the app Tophatter.  I have found quite a few steals using this app and I was able to pinch another one! I bought the Lorac Pro Palette for…are you ready for it?!?!?



Yes you read that correctly $38.00 (and that includes shipping) the retail for this palette is $42-$50.  I am very happy with the colors and I really like that half of the colors are matte.



Do you own the Lorac Pro Palette and if so let me know what your favorite colors are! 

Amore Mio 24K Cell Exfoliating Treatment

Back in July I found the auction site Tophatter.  One of the first things I bought was the Amore Mio 24K Cell Exfoliating Treatment.  This was my first experience with this brand and so far I think it ok, but way overpriced.  I got a steal through Tophatter; I paid $18 (including shipping) and I found the same product on the Amore website for $124.95 that’s a saving of $106.95! The treatment which acts as a peel contains 24K gold, Vitamin C and E and Green Tea. Amore cosmetics and skin care contain 24K gold which the company  claim holds “beautifying properties”. I do feel that my skin is refreshed and clean after use, but I cannot justify spending over $100.00 on this product.  I will use this up and will keep an eye on Tophatter for another deal, but I would not pay full price for this product.




I quit using eBay a few years ago because it brought out the gambler in me.  I have never been to a casino or done any “real gambling” but I think I should steer clear, I’m too competitive! But I discovered the Tophatter app and I am smitten! It is like a cooler and more hip eBay.  I went on a spending spree last night (and restrained myself and stayed within my budget).  One thing I love about this compared to eBay is that the bidding time is so short, I entered three showrooms and bought my three items within 45 minutes.  And it is so cute, the app is set up like an auction house as you can see below.


The person with the current highest bid has a top hat on hence the app name of Tophatter.  There are all kinds of goodies to be found here and I cannot wait to receive my wins!

Swarovski Elements Hoop Earrings paid $19 (including shipping) found a comparable pair on Swarovski website for $62.00!!


NYX Spring Fling Palette paid $13.00 (including shipping)  found on Nordstrom’s for $15.00.  I have never used any NYX eyeshadows so I am excited to give these a try and I don’t really have any pastel tones in my collection.


And my final and biggest discount was the 24k Amore Mio OroGold cosmetics Skin Exfoliation Peel Treatment.  I have never heard of this brand so I am curious to test it out.  I paid $18 (including shipping) and I found the same product on the Amore website for $124.95!  That’s a saving of $106.95! 


If you want to give Tophatter a whirl use my code d966f and you will get a credit of $5.00 towards your first bid!  

And shout out to Melissa AKA Melmphs on YouTube  for talking about this app and getting me interested!