No Shaving Cream? Give These A Try

We’ve all been there.  Deciding what to wear so you don’t have to shave your legs.  Don’t lie ladies, we all do it.  For me I don’t shave because I’m lazy.  But maybe you have other reasons.  A friend of mine asked me recently what I used to shave my legs as she couldn’t seem to find a shaving cream that didn’t dry her legs out.  I have a bottle of shaving cream in my shower but honestly I don’t reach for it that often when once in a blue moon I do decided to shave the forest that is my legs.  Here are some of the things I use instead.




I always shampoo twice and condition once.  So I always run out of shampoo before conditioner.  I use whats left over to shave my legs.  It is really moisturizing and definitely cost effective.  My mom has not used a shaving cream in years, she exclusively uses conditioner.   TRESemme with Pro-Vitamin B5 & Aloe 

Body Butter

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If you are like me you go through body wash like there is not tomorrow but have bottles upon bottles of lotions and body butters.  Put them to good use and use them to shave those legs!  This is a great way to get through a bottle of lotion that you aren’t particularly fond of.  You are literally pouring it down the drain, but you have put it to use so you can feel good about it.  Tree Hut Olive and Shea Body Butter, Lavender and Chamomile


Bath Oil


Avon has some fantastic bath oils and they often run sales.  This is also super moisturizing and it leaves your legs feeling extremely soft.  Avon’s oils dry pretty quickly so this is a great option for summer if you don’t want to have that lotion-y feeling that using body butters/lotions to shave can give you. Skin So Soft Signature Silk Bath Oil 

Body Scrub


This is a great choice if you have super dry legs as you will not only be moisturizing but taking care of removing dead skin.  Make sure to use a scrub that has a good consistency.  I like the scrub that I use to shave with to be a little more liquid-y then what I use for my face.  100% Pure Body Scrub Coconut 


Let me know if you already use any of these products in place of shaving cream!  If you don’t give it a try and let me know your results!

Eyeliner Tips and Tricks

I never wore eyeliner until about two years ago. The reason I never wore it was because I didn’t know how to use it. I am a visual learner so watching videos on YouTube and reading blogs helped me figure out if I needed a pencil, gel or liquid and how to apply it properly. Today I am going to share with you what I have learned and this is my Un-Professional Opinion! I am not a makeup artist nor do I claim to be one. I am just someone who loves makeup and wants to share what I learned in the hope that I can help someone else.

  1. Don’t apply eyeliner in a complete circle around your eye. If you circle all the way around your eye it will look like you are wearing glasses. You will also be emphasizing you are wearing eyeliner and no one will be looking at your eye itself.

  2. Don’t overdo it. Your eyeliner should blend with the rest of your eye makeup. Smudging is a great tool for taking a dark or too thick line and making it wearable.

  3. If you are going to line your waterline make sure to use a waterproof liner. Speaking from experience most regular eyeliners will look great for an hour or so and then will smear and gather in the corner of your eye. Not pretty unless you are going for a messy raccoon look.

  4. Be careful not to overblend under your lower lash line. This will exaggerate and make any darkness and/or circles look worse.

  5. Apply your mascara after your eyeliner, otherwise you could risk flaking and smudging of mascara and end up with the raccoon look.

  6. Eye shadows make great liners. I have several palettes with bold bright colors that I will never wear in one sweep across my eyelid. But in small amounts they give just the right pop of color and who doesn’t love multitasking products?

What are your tips and tricks for applying eye liner? Share them with me in the comments below or on Twitter!!