Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation Review


Next to my quest to find the perfect mascara, foundation is a close second on the holy grail search.  I bought the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation about a month ago and have used it six or seven times in different conditions so I think this will be an honest assessment. First off lets take a look at the advertisement for this foundation:


First off Emma Stone is beautiful with or without makeup. I like to look at “celebrities without makeup” photos to remind myself that everyone has flaws.  Emma without makeup is beautiful, she has gorgeous skin. That could be good genes, a awesome dermatologist or a combination of both. But this photo is totally airbrushed, as are most advertisements selling foundation,      NO ONE IS PORELESS!   But I will say that this foundation did give a ‘nearly naked’ look with a fair amount of coverage.

First Impression: This foundation is quite thin and borders on runny.  I was concerned with a such a thin consistency there would not be great coverage and I would  really have to work with it to cover my redness and acne scars. For a drugstore brand and such a thin formula I was presently surprised at the coverage.  I did need to apply two coats but it layered very well and did not look cakey.

Application: I applied this foundation with my Sigma F80 Kabuki Brush and with a Beauty Blender on separate occasion. Both worked well, I think I prefer the brush a little more, as I didn’t have to work quite as hard to blend.  I did need to apply concealer to a few spots but not as many as I thought I would.  This coverage is pretty good for covering light scaring and redness.

Conclusion: The first time I wore this foundation I was in a hurry and did not apply a powder, which was not smart on my part as I have super oily skin.  Around noon I was shiny and the foundation started to gather around my mouth and nose area. So lesson learned I will make sure to set this foundation with a powder.  Another time I wore this foundation I spent part of the day outside in 87 plus degree weather and Florida humidity.  Even with primer, setting spray and power this foundation did not last long on my oily skin.  Last week I spent all day inside a very cool room attending a class.  The only time I was outside was walking to and from my car.  By late afternoon I noticed the foundation gathering again around my mouth and nose area (this was after about 6 hours).  I touched it up and when I checked in the mirror again before leaving (about 8 hours in) I noticed it was also pulling around my cheeks.

So all in all I think this is great foundation for those with normal or dry skin.  I don’t think it is oily skin friendly for long term wear.  If you are only going to need to look good for a few hours then give it a try.  I will hang on to what I have left and try it again in the winter when my skin is not quite so oily.

Have you tried the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation? What were your results? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter!