Mask Monday:: DIY Charcoal and Glue Mask!

You may have seen this floating around various social media sites.  It was too weird and cool to not try out so here you go!


What You Will Need::

  • Activated Charcoal (not what you use to BBQ!!! )
  • Good Ole Elmer’s Glue ( It is non toxic and is similar to what is used in pore strips to make them stick!)
  • Something to mix up your charcoal and glue concoction.

PicMonkey Collage


** Be careful!  The charcoal can make a bit of a mess so stir with care 🙂

I only applied the mask to the lower half of my face as that is my problem area. But I have seen people put it all over their face but I would be careful to avoid your eyebrows or any place with hair you don’t want removed… More on that in a bit.



Nice and wet on my face. Also I forgot to mention I did steam my face for a bit before doing this to open up alllll my pores.  Now we wait…


After about 25 minutes the mask was dry and it was impossible to move my face so I knew it was ready.  Now comes the fun part… the peeling!


Why do we (I’m hoping I’m not the only one….) find such intrigue in peeling things off our bodies?  After the peeling process I of course examined the mask to see what junk was pulled out!



This isn’t the best picture in the world but you can see some yucky stuff!  It also pulled out tiny hairs which is why you want to be careful where you put this.  I did not find it painful to pull off my face.  Now I’m not saying it was pleasant but it was kind of like peeling/pulling off a band-aid.  And it will depend on your tolerance for pain.  My mom later did the mask and she said it hurt.

So…. Is this a win? I think so, I’ve done this a total of three times now (over about a month) and everytime I get yucky juck out of my pores and the little teeny tiny hairs.

Where to Find Activated Charcoal!

Nature’s Way on Amazon (what I bought)- $6.70

Many sites so that they found this at the drug store (Wal-Mart, Target etc) but I was unable to find it in mine which is why I bought it online.

Pinterest Fail….

Some of you may have seen this pin floating around Pinterest.


The picture is pretty self explanatory.  After painting your nails you spray them with Pam.  Yes the Pam/cooking spray you use so your brownies don’t stick to the pan.  I painted my nails last week and decided to try this trick since it keeps clogging up my Pinterest feed.  At first I could only find my Butter flavored Pam and I really had a bad feeling about using it on my nails, maybe not a bad feeling but it just seemed weirder then using regular Pam…. I don’t know, I am crazy.  Anywho, I found my Olive Oil Pam and sprayed that mess all over my nails and waited the token one minute.  Now my hands are a greasy mess so I thought, Why not try the other Pinterest Nail trick, soaking your nails in cold water?


Pinterest Fail!! My nails were not dry and were smudged… Sad, sad day, then I had to take off the polish and do them all over again. In short I will stick to my  Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Fast Dry Top Coat


Sock Bun

Sock Buns are my new go to hair do for second (or third) day hair.  There are two methods which I have found. One is to roll your pony tail over the sock.  The second is to put the sock over your ponytail, fan the hair around it, secure with an elastic and then roll the remaining hair around the base of the bun.  I have found the second method works best for me.  My hair is thick and layered, so my bun ended up being the size of my head and little sprigs of hair popped out all over when I tried to roll it.  Here is the picture I posted on Pinterest of my sock bun.


Here is a YouTube Video from RachaelJadee which shows both methods.  The way I do my sock bun is at the 3:20 mark. I do not usally wrap the remaining hair like she does, I start at the front of my head and twist, adding more hair as I go around my head until I run out which is usually around my bun one and a half times and then pin in place.  Also I do not use more than one sock, like Rachael does in the video but please do whatever works best for you and your hair.

Headband Foxy Originals: GARDENIA HAIR BAND IN GOLD