Mask Monday:: Paula’s Choice Skin Balancing Oil-Absorbing Mask

Paula  Says:::

This unique mask absorbs oil, uproots blackheads, and reduces irritation. It leaves skin remarkably soft, matte and beautifully smooth.
  • Blackheads, Enlarged Pores
  • Normal to Oily Skin; Combination Skin
  • Smooths rough, uneven skin
  • Shrinks enlarged pores, reveals younger looking skin
  • As seen in Ebony


What makes this product unique?
This mask’s unique formula beautifully balances skin by absorbing excess oil without over-drying or making it feel tight. It also doesn’t include irritating, skin-damaging ingredients such as menthol, peppermint, or alcohol. The clay’s drawing action helps dislodge blackheads and cellular debris, while the soothing blend of anti-inflammatory agents reduce redness and irritation. Product easily rinses away leaving skin soft, matte and smooth.

This product is 100% fragrance-free.

Who is this product for?
Skin Balancing Oil-Absorbing Mask is recommended for those with normal to oily/combination skin. Excellent for breakout- and blackhead-prone skin, too.

Find it on Paula’s Choice– $19.00

Birchbox January 2014

PicMonkey Collagebb

It’s my favorite time of the month, subscription box time! Let’s dive in and see what this box has for me.

Alright first off right on top I see tea… I like tea, but this is like the third box this year that has had tea.  Birchbox, I subscribe to you for beauty products, I don’t mind the occasional piece of chocolate, granola bar or bag of tea.  However I don’t want one every single month.  That being said I have two black teas; English Tea No. 1 and Apricot Sunrise (which I am going to hope is black tea/Herbal blend though it is not advertised as such) and a Green tea in Mint.  The brand is Ahmad Tea and is a based in the UK so I am excited to try this but just wish it hadn’t come to me via Birchbox.

photo 3 (3)

Next I have Fekkai Advanced Brilliant Glossing Crème.  This product is applied to damp hair to combat frizzy hair and lock in shine.  It smells nice and is a nice deluxe size sample so I am happy with it.  Also it smells really good!

 photo 4

Foil Packets, foil packets….Can we just put the three packets you sent me in a sample size plastic bottle? I will not use all of the packet at one time, which means it will be left open to make a mess and possibly dry out.  That being said this is from the brand 100% Purity and is French Lavender Hand Buttercream.  It is thick but absorbs fairly quickly.  It has a nice lavender scent which I like, but I know many people find it to be too “earthy”.  This brand is 100% natural and vegan, it is also gluten and cruelty free.

 PicMonkey Collagelo

Well this looks interesting, Nail Rock Nail Sequin Manicure set in Green. I like some sparkle on my nails but this looks like a lot of work when I can just as easily swipe a coat of polish that has glitter in it.  This is a two-step process (actually three) you paint two coats of the clear varnish that is supplied then dip your nails in the sequins (looks like this could be a mess) then you wait 15 to 20 minutes for your nails to dry. All of that aside, I appreciate Birchbox stepping out of the box (like what  I did there?) and giving me something unique.  However…. not impressed, I can paint my nails with top coat I already have and buy some glitter from the dollar store and do the same thing.  And no I don’t plan on doing that when I have plenty of polishes with the glitter already in them!

photo 1 (3)

Lastly is Paula’s Choice RESIST Ultra-Light Super Antioxidant Concentrated Serum.  Which is supposed to normalize skin (what does that even mean?) and tighten pores.  I am excited to try this product but wish it was a little bigger I don’t know if I will be able to get a full week’s worth out of this tiny tube.

photo 2 (3)

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Full Size Information::

100% Pure French Lavender Hand Buttercream $8.00

Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Crème $19.99

Nail Rock Green Sequin $6.99

Paula’s Choice RESIST Ultra-Light Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum $26.95

Ahmad Tea London $7.00