Pinterest Test:: No Heat Headband Curls!

Over the past year or so I’ve been trying to take better care of my hair.  I’ve been lucky in that my hair has been kind to me even though I’ve treated it horribly over the years.  Many other peoples hair probably would have not been as kind to them with all the drugstore dye, heat and various other infractions.  On the journey to better hair I’ve started taking Vitamins, limiting how often I wash my hair and I’ve thrown away the box dye and for the most part use heat very rarely on my hair.   My hair is fine but I have a lot of it so in a way it could be classified as thick.  I don’t think my hair is thick but according to my hair stylist JoAnna, I have a lot of hair.    My hair is also stick straight so of course I wish it was wavy/curly (always wanting what you don’t have….)  The picture you see below is me doing nothing to my hair, it was washed earlier in the day and left to air dry.

PicMonkey Collage

Headband curls are something that I’ve seen for awhile on Pinterest but until last year when I cut my hair it was really too long to attempt this!  As I said my hair was washed earlier in the day and before I started the process I put some sea salt spray in my hair (check out this link to my post about making your own! )  and made sure to run my wet brush through my hair to evenly distribute the spray.  Next all you do is put an elastic headband over your hair and wrap your hair around it!  I’ve included a few links to videos and other blog posts that show you how to do this if you still need a little more explanation.

Cute Girl Hairstyles (video ) ** if you are someone who likes to watch YouTube – Guilty…- check out their channel! 

Trade Secrets (video) 

WikiHow (blog post with illustrations) 



When I undid my curls the next morning I used a little hair spray and just ran my fingers through to break up the curls. Of course I did this experiment on a day when I wasn’t doing anything but running some errands and vegging on my couch!  If I was going out with this hairstyle,  I personally like a little more lift at my roots so I would have added a volumizing powder or spray and teased the crown and sides a little.

PicMonkey Collage123


This is definitely a Pinterest win and I will be doing this style again for sure!

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Three Days of Hair :: No Heat Hair

Day 0-  My hair is freshly washed and conditioned and as you can see my hair is quite straight.  After combing through my partially air dried hair I put a volumizing mousse in my roots and worked through my hair and also added a little sea salt spray and combed through to distribute. Then I made a high bun on the top of my head and went to sleep (just kidding I got in my bed and watched Netflix’s and then way after I should have been asleep I finally turned off Netflix’s and went to sleep. )


                                            IMG_6886 IMG_6892

Day 1- soo…..  I should have let my hair air dry a little more before I put it up but yeah that’s life people.  Plan on making a blog post and plan out how to do your hair and your hair doesn’t get the memo….  Usually when I do this my hair has more volume and wave but this is what I’m working with people! My hair has a slight wave to it and I ended up putting my hair into a half top knot but neglected to take a picture.  😦

       IMG_6895 IMG_6896

End of Day 1- After a long day at work and after my shower where I didn’t wash my hair time to prep for day 2!  Brushed through my hair and added dry shampoo to my roots.  Although my hair is not yet oily I know it will be tomorrow so in anticipation I added some to my roots and massaged it in before pulling into a high ponytail.   After pulling my hair up into a ponytail I added a little hair spray and sea salt to my hair that was in the ponytail and pulled out my Conair Flexible Spiral Curl Rollers and divided my hair into six sections using the rollers.  

IMG_6904 IMG_6903

IMG_6907 IMG_6909

Day 2- Took my rollers out and used my fingers to gently break apart the curls. I try not to mess with them too much or they can get frizzy.  I added a light misting of hairspray  and ended up putting a head band on after I took the picture.

IMG_6912 IMG_6914

End of Day 2- It was a long day that included walking five blocks in the Florida humidity so my curls look a little deflated.  I brushed it out and added some dry shampoo to my roots and added some sea salt to the lower half of my hair before I french braided it.  I took a picture of my french braid but it did not turn out well.  But this is my hair at the end of the day before I braided it.


Day 3- Took out my french braid and I had lots of volume and a slight wave to my hair.   I teased the crown area and pulled it into a high pony and then braid it and “fluff” or “pancaked” the braid to give some more volume and make the braid bigger.  I then wrapped the braided ponytail into a bun and Voilà!

 IMG_6922 IMG_6925 IMG_6927

End of Day 3- Its time for hair washing!