Black and Gold Nails

black and gold nails

I created this nail look on Sunday night while watching Downton Abbey and was so impressed with myself I thought I would share it with you!

PicMonkey Collage_Nails

One coat of Avon’s Speed Dry Nail Color in ‘Crystal Calm’  $6.00 

avon crystal clam

Two coats of Juleps Beatrix $14.00


Don’t let the picture of Beatrix fool you. It looks like its a black polish with gold glitter, but it is a clear coat with black and gold glitter.  Actually after I started writing this post I thought of another glitter polish I have that is very similar and cheaper is Starrily in ‘Bzzz Bzzz” which retails for $12.00.  I received the small bottle which retails for $5.00 in my December 2013 Ipsy Bag.

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Pinterest Fail….

Some of you may have seen this pin floating around Pinterest.


The picture is pretty self explanatory.  After painting your nails you spray them with Pam.  Yes the Pam/cooking spray you use so your brownies don’t stick to the pan.  I painted my nails last week and decided to try this trick since it keeps clogging up my Pinterest feed.  At first I could only find my Butter flavored Pam and I really had a bad feeling about using it on my nails, maybe not a bad feeling but it just seemed weirder then using regular Pam…. I don’t know, I am crazy.  Anywho, I found my Olive Oil Pam and sprayed that mess all over my nails and waited the token one minute.  Now my hands are a greasy mess so I thought, Why not try the other Pinterest Nail trick, soaking your nails in cold water?


Pinterest Fail!! My nails were not dry and were smudged… Sad, sad day, then I had to take off the polish and do them all over again. In short I will stick to my  Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Fast Dry Top Coat


Drug Store Wins!!

I have become a bit of makeup snob after trying some high end products.  Now more expensive does not always equal better but I have found in regards to makeup it can.  So onward to some products I picked up at Wally that I really like.


NYC Cheekglow in “Riverside Rose”

This blush on my fair skin gives me a nice healthy natural color.  It is not super pigmented but at around the $3 mark I can afford  to layer it up.



Flower Nail’d It Nail Lacquer in  “NP10 What’s the Daffodilly-O”

This polish looked like a pretty coral color to me in the bottle. The formula is good consistency neither to thick or thin. It is also free of   DBP, toluene & camphor.  Best of all it is around $5!  I am excited to try more from this line, I love Drew  Barrymore’s style and the packaging on all the products is super cute.



L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara 

I am a mascara whore, Yes I said whore. I cannot be faithful to one mascara, I am constantly on the search for the newest and best.  How difficult can it be to make a volumizing, lengthening and thickening mascara?!  Apparently impossible, but I still search for the holy grail of mascara. Until this day of miracles come around I will be content with trying every mascara under the sun.  That said, I may purchase this one again!  It does give me some volume and then I can put a layer of a lengthening mascara on top. And you can’t beat a mascara that cost around $6.



April Favorites

Sorry for the long absence.  I have a job that I work like a crazy person for a few months out of the year  and barely have time to eat and sleep let alone keep up with a blog.  So moving on….

 Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Mudslide

Very pretty pinky nude color. While I am not sold on the “complete manicure” part , I like the color and the formula is good, but the brush is AMAZING!!  It is very wide and I can paint my nail in two swipes.  $6.50 at Wally World.


Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner

 I saw this at Ross and picked it up. First time I used it I was not really impressed and I thought it smelled weird, second time I used it I thought the smell was so bad there is no way I will use this again.  I am not the type of person to throw away something I bought so I held onto it with the thought that I would find someone to pawn the smelly spray off on.  Fast forward a month and I had rolled my hair to tightly and had Shirley Temple curls, not cool.  So I sprayed this on my hair to loosen the curl. Hmmm strange doesn’t stink like I remember… and I got complements on how nice my hair smelled.  So I don’t know why I suddenly did a 180 on this product, but I love this stuff! Retails at Ulta for around $17 (which is expensive for me) but I paid $6.50 at Ross.


mark White Now Necklace

When I first got this necklace, I thought, “hmmm, well looks different then the picture but it’s cool.”  Seriously every time I wear it I get compliments , I loop mine like the picture so it is two strands.  $22.00 at mark.


Mask of Magnaminty

I love lush and this mask is no exception.  Unlike their fresh face mask, that you can only buy in store,  you can buy this one online as it does not have to be kept in the fridge.  But I like to keep my mine cool as it feels even more refreshing.  I like when you are removing the mask  the aduki beans act as an exfoliate, so you have a mask and light scrub in one!


Doing my nails….

So if you are anything like me, I rarely paint my fingernails because I cannot sit still and not use my hands so I end up messing them up.  I recently started painting my nails when I am planning on watching several shows or movies from my DVR.  Sometimes I still mess up, but I have found a foolproof place to do my nails.  Ready for this?


The Movie theater.

Yes, you read correctly, the movie theater.  I did it this past Sunday, my mother thought I was crazy and I am pretty sure the guy in front of me thought so to, but hey, my nails look great.  For those of you who get popcorn and coke at a movie, this will not work.  But for me the price of admission is enough of a ding to my pocketbook.  I painted my nails prior to the trailers starting so I had some light to see what I was doing.

Has anyone else done this or am I the only one?