Makeup Geek Duochromes!!


Looks like ordinary eyeshadows right? Nope guess again these are amazing and better yet they change color!!  I’m all in 😉


PicMonkey Collage

All About This Color:
This eye-catching duochrome is no optical illusion! The light bounces off Prism to create a dynamic display of color. Its silky smooth texture and gorgeous finish are unlike anything you’ve seen before!

The Bottom Line:
Prism has a white base with peachy-pink reflects.


PicMonkey Collage123

All About This Color:
Love is a burning thing, and our love for this duochrome is spreading like wildfire! A force to be reckoned with, this warm and intense shade applies beautifully and will surely set any look ablaze. It’s easy to get swept up by Wildfire!

The Bottom Line:
Wildfire has a red-coral base with gold reflects.


Sugar Rush– 

PicMonkey Collage789

All About This Color:
Calling all candy junkies! Uncontrollable energy and super sweet vibes abound when you’re wearing this duochrome—it’s delectably creamy and beautifully saturated. Satisfy your cosmetic sweet tooth with Sugar Rush!

The Bottom Line:
Sugar Rush has a translucent base with icy blue and purple reflects.


PicMonkey Collage7946

All About This Color:
Take your look from flat to multidimensional with a little help from Hologram. This smooth and pigmented duochrome works with the light to project an irreplicable shade that’s vibrant, metallic, and uniquely you.

The Bottom Line:
Hologram has an orangey-pink base with green and gold reflects.


PicMonkey Collage456

All About This Color:
More than a duochrome, Kaleidoscope’s constantly changing color has landed it the nickname “quadrichrome” here at the Makeup Geek headquarters. Purple one moment and teal the next, this extraordinary shade adds multiple layers of dimension with minimal fallout.

The Bottom Line:
Kaleidoscope has a slate blue base with pink, purple, and teal reflects.


Unfortunately, these are no longer available in the pressed format but they are available in loose pigment form.