Three Days of Hair :: No Heat Hair

Day 0-  My hair is freshly washed and conditioned and as you can see my hair is quite straight.  After combing through my partially air dried hair I put a volumizing mousse in my roots and worked through my hair and also added a little sea salt spray and combed through to distribute. Then I made a high bun on the top of my head and went to sleep (just kidding I got in my bed and watched Netflix’s and then way after I should have been asleep I finally turned off Netflix’s and went to sleep. )


                                            IMG_6886 IMG_6892

Day 1- soo…..  I should have let my hair air dry a little more before I put it up but yeah that’s life people.  Plan on making a blog post and plan out how to do your hair and your hair doesn’t get the memo….  Usually when I do this my hair has more volume and wave but this is what I’m working with people! My hair has a slight wave to it and I ended up putting my hair into a half top knot but neglected to take a picture.  😦

       IMG_6895 IMG_6896

End of Day 1- After a long day at work and after my shower where I didn’t wash my hair time to prep for day 2!  Brushed through my hair and added dry shampoo to my roots.  Although my hair is not yet oily I know it will be tomorrow so in anticipation I added some to my roots and massaged it in before pulling into a high ponytail.   After pulling my hair up into a ponytail I added a little hair spray and sea salt to my hair that was in the ponytail and pulled out my Conair Flexible Spiral Curl Rollers and divided my hair into six sections using the rollers.  

IMG_6904 IMG_6903

IMG_6907 IMG_6909

Day 2- Took my rollers out and used my fingers to gently break apart the curls. I try not to mess with them too much or they can get frizzy.  I added a light misting of hairspray  and ended up putting a head band on after I took the picture.

IMG_6912 IMG_6914

End of Day 2- It was a long day that included walking five blocks in the Florida humidity so my curls look a little deflated.  I brushed it out and added some dry shampoo to my roots and added some sea salt to the lower half of my hair before I french braided it.  I took a picture of my french braid but it did not turn out well.  But this is my hair at the end of the day before I braided it.


Day 3- Took out my french braid and I had lots of volume and a slight wave to my hair.   I teased the crown area and pulled it into a high pony and then braid it and “fluff” or “pancaked” the braid to give some more volume and make the braid bigger.  I then wrapped the braided ponytail into a bun and Voilà!

 IMG_6922 IMG_6925 IMG_6927

End of Day 3- Its time for hair washing!

DIY Friday:: Make Your Own Sea Salt Spray

PicMonkey Collage123

Why spend $5-$25 on sea salt spray to achieve beachy waves when you can make it yourself in under 5 minutes for a fraction of the cost?  Its super simple, which means even I can do it, so you can too!  You will need a few items and I’m pretty sure 1 if not 2 of these items you already have.


1. 1 Cup of water (you should have this at home)

2. 1  1/2 Teaspoon of Sea Salt (there’s a 50/50 chance you have this)

3. 1 Teaspoon of Hair Gel (there’s a pretty good chance you have this too, or you can be like me and steal it from your brothers bathroom…) 

4. A spray bottle ( you can pick one up from the drugstore for under $2 or be green and use an empty bottle)

5. A few drops of Argan Oil ***(this can be costly, see if a friend has some and ask to steal a few drops!)


Heat the water in the microwave or on the stove and add the salt, gel and argan oil and stir until dissolved.  Once the water has cooled pour it into your spray bottle.  I make sure before every use I give the bottle a good shake.  Its really that simple!!

 photo 5 (2)


*** While it may seem counterproductive the oil isn’t optional.  This is what keeps the spray from making your hair look dry and feeling brittle and hay like.  My hair is fine and leans towards oily but if you have dry or coarse hair you will need to add a little more. ***


Products Used::

Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil $16-$96 

**This week via Ebates you can get 8% cash back at Sephora Online; Sign up!**

Hair Cut!

If you recall I got a bad hair cut in February. I didn’t let shears touch my hair again until last week. Needless to say I was over due for a trim. My ends were really damaged from not getting a trim and it didn’t help matters that the last person to cut it used thinning shears the wrong way (My hair was splitting half way up the hair shaft). I told the woman cutting my hair to get it back to healthy as long as it didn’t involve a pixie cut and I could still pull it up in a pony tail. She took off about four inches so my hair is now a little below my shoulders. I have not had my hair this short in years and I feel naked without my longer hair, but I am happy with how nice my hair looks now that I took off all the dead and limp ends.  On a day I actually fix my hair into some semblance of OK looking I will post a pic.

April Favorites

Sorry for the long absence.  I have a job that I work like a crazy person for a few months out of the year  and barely have time to eat and sleep let alone keep up with a blog.  So moving on….

 Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Mudslide

Very pretty pinky nude color. While I am not sold on the “complete manicure” part , I like the color and the formula is good, but the brush is AMAZING!!  It is very wide and I can paint my nail in two swipes.  $6.50 at Wally World.


Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner

 I saw this at Ross and picked it up. First time I used it I was not really impressed and I thought it smelled weird, second time I used it I thought the smell was so bad there is no way I will use this again.  I am not the type of person to throw away something I bought so I held onto it with the thought that I would find someone to pawn the smelly spray off on.  Fast forward a month and I had rolled my hair to tightly and had Shirley Temple curls, not cool.  So I sprayed this on my hair to loosen the curl. Hmmm strange doesn’t stink like I remember… and I got complements on how nice my hair smelled.  So I don’t know why I suddenly did a 180 on this product, but I love this stuff! Retails at Ulta for around $17 (which is expensive for me) but I paid $6.50 at Ross.


mark White Now Necklace

When I first got this necklace, I thought, “hmmm, well looks different then the picture but it’s cool.”  Seriously every time I wear it I get compliments , I loop mine like the picture so it is two strands.  $22.00 at mark.


Mask of Magnaminty

I love lush and this mask is no exception.  Unlike their fresh face mask, that you can only buy in store,  you can buy this one online as it does not have to be kept in the fridge.  But I like to keep my mine cool as it feels even more refreshing.  I like when you are removing the mask  the aduki beans act as an exfoliate, so you have a mask and light scrub in one!


Bad Hair Cut

Soooo….I may be getting the shorter hair that I posted about a few weeks ago, but not by choice.  I went in last Saturday for a trim.  My hairstylist moved to Miami and 3 and a half hours worth of driving is a bit much for a hair cut, even though I love her dearly.  So I just asked for a trim and said, ” trim the ends, I know I have a few splits, so like 1/4 an inch and freshen up my layers.”  and I ended up with two inches gone and she took the thinning shears to my precious thick hair.   The length I was not happy with, but hey it will grow… but the thinning shears, that is another story…

Number one, she did not have me facing the mirror, so I could not see what she was doing, If I had seen the thinning shears I would have screamed HELL NO!  Number two SHE DID NOT ASK IF I WANTED HER TO THIN MY HAIR!!!!!  I seriously have lost half my thickness and have a hair cut fit for a biker/rocker chick, which I am not.  So I have contemplated  cutting my hair, but for now I am keeping it in up-dos or curling it because it looks ridiculous straight (which is normally how I wear it. )  I may post  before and after pictures for you all to get the full effect, but I haven’t had the heart to take  pictures of my shorn locks….

I feel like I am living the scene from Little Women when Jo sells her hair and Amy says, “Jo, your one true beauty!”  Seriously, the one thing I have always loved about myself was my hair.  Every time someone cuts it, or styles it they rave about how thick, and healthy and just overall how wonderful it is.  So I guess my pride in my hair needed to be taken down a notch, or three…. I keep telling myself it is only hair and that it will grow back.     Anyone have a similar story? And I would love some tips or advice on how to weather this crazy growing out phase of my biker/rocker chick hair do!!!


Twist into a side Braid

This style has been another that I rock with dirty hair (dry shampoo is my hair savior).  Super easy and can be done in five minutes flat.  One of my favorite YouTube Hair Guru’s is Mindy from Cute Girls Hairstyles.  Click here to see the tutorial. And see my recreation below.


Super easy and cute.  Every time I wear this I get compliments, You can also change up the braid, do a fish tail, or you could try this 4 strand braid from Bebexo (another one of my fav YouTubers (is youtuber a word?  if not I just made it one!).

Sock Bun

Sock Buns are my new go to hair do for second (or third) day hair.  There are two methods which I have found. One is to roll your pony tail over the sock.  The second is to put the sock over your ponytail, fan the hair around it, secure with an elastic and then roll the remaining hair around the base of the bun.  I have found the second method works best for me.  My hair is thick and layered, so my bun ended up being the size of my head and little sprigs of hair popped out all over when I tried to roll it.  Here is the picture I posted on Pinterest of my sock bun.


Here is a YouTube Video from RachaelJadee which shows both methods.  The way I do my sock bun is at the 3:20 mark. I do not usally wrap the remaining hair like she does, I start at the front of my head and twist, adding more hair as I go around my head until I run out which is usually around my bun one and a half times and then pin in place.  Also I do not use more than one sock, like Rachael does in the video but please do whatever works best for you and your hair.

Headband Foxy Originals: GARDENIA HAIR BAND IN GOLD