Starlooks 15 Shade Shadow Palette Part 2

Stop!! If you haven’t read Part 1 of this post  

The Starlooks Palette does not have names for the shadows so I have numbered them as you can see below.

photo 1232323

Lets start with 1-5

1:: Metallic Silver Satin; Beautiful in the pan but not a lot of pigmentation.  To get the color  in the pan it takes lots of layers.  It is nice however as an inner color highlight with just one sweep.

2:: Magenta Matte; again beautiful in the pan but not the best pigmentation.

3:: Green Satin: Great color, great pigmentation.

4:: Light Matte Black; this is one of the more confusing colors in the palette.  It looks like a matte ash brown but swatched looks like a light black.

5:: Matte Charcoal: another perplexing color.  In the pan it looks like a common matte black, but swatched pigmentation shows a charcoal.

photo 1456456465 securedownload (1)4567987496

6:: Champagne Satin; Nice color and pigmentation

7:: White Glitter; Application is patchy and the glitter has fallout.

8: Matte Brown; great color and pigmentation, an excellent crease color.

9:: Copper Sparkle; Application can be a bit patchy but applied with a slightly damp brush (I lightly spritzed with a setting spray) it gives off a beautiful copper with gold sparkle.

10:: Deep Purple with Red Glitter;  This is my opinion is the standout in the palette.  The purple is so deep it can appear at times almost black.  The light has a way of catching the red glitter and it just looks amazing.

securedownload (1)1233232 photo 1232323123121

A better shot of #10 ( you can’t see the glitter that well, but trust me it’s there!)

securedownload (1)123456

11:: Matte Light Brown; this is a disappointing shadow because you can’t see it!  At least on my skin and the consistency is chalky 😦

12:: Satin Cream; this one is also patchy and the pigmentation is off

13:: Satin Gold; finally! Another good color and excellent pigmentation.

14:: Satin Yellow Gold; Another good color and good pigmentation.

15:: Brown with Gold Glitter; What a surprise three good colors in a row!

securedownload (1)123456789 photo 1232323789798

I just checked the Starlooks website and this palette is available for $30.00 but honestly I wouldn’t waste your money.  Out of fifteen shadows there are only 6 or 7 that you can use “as is”, the remainder take a little babying.  Also I am spoiled and most of my palettes have a mirror and this one doesn’t.

Bottom Line:: Don’t waste your money; I was not impressed enough with this  palette for even the reduced price I paid for it to consider repurchasing.

October Hits and Misses

Sterling Silver Chain with Elephant Pendant – Silver $19.99 From Target


I love this little necklace and I enjoy wearing it.  It is definitely a conversation starter, every time I wear it I get a compliment.

 Essential Little Black Beauty Book – Eye Edition in Warm $6.00 From e.l.f


I love finding quality product at a great price.  There are only a few products from e.l.f that I have been disappointed in and this is not one of them.  With 48 colors in a variety of matte, satin and shimmer there are endless looks to be created. This was the only eye palette I brought with me when I was out of town for a week.

Maybelline SuperStay 14 Hour Lipstick in Keep Me Coral $6.94 from Walmart


Ok bottom line does this lipstick give you color for 14 hours straight? No.  But does that mean you shouldn’t try it? No.  While it doesn’t live up to its claim of 14 hour wear it is still a long wearing color that doesn’t dry out your lips and has a great color pay off.  I love the shade Keep Me Coral and I feel like it really complements my skin tone, so it is a keeper.

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Dark and Deep Brown $8.52 from Amazon


FINALLY!!! A dry shampoo that doesn’t leave my hair with a white/gray cast and somehow also absorbs oil!  If you have dark hair and are struggling to find a dry shampoo that doesn’t make you look like you are three months past your root touch up then give this one a try.  And bonus, it doesn’t stink!

Bare Face Cleansing Oil $28.00 from Julep


You have oily skin why would  you use oil to clean your face?  Good question, I don’t know why it works but it does.  While the price point on this is pretty steep ( I received mine in a julep maven box) this is by far the best cleansing oil that I have ever tried that doesn’t leave my skin with a slick feeling after being washed off.

Dark Orchid Raspberry Bubble Delight Bubble Bath $8.00 from Avon


I love Avon’s Bubble Bath formula.  It is seriously the best I have ever used. This bubble bath is scented with notes of rare orchids, intoxicating black raspberries and warm blonde wood which essentially smells like heaven!

No Misses I could think of this month, which I guess is a good thing!