7 Days of Makeup Geek #6

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Unexpected on inner third of eye lid and Glamorous on outer third with Sigma E20   Cocoa Bear blended in crease with Sigma E35; Corrupt used as liner on upper lid using Sigma E15;  Glamorous and Unexpected mixed and used together on lower lash line with a clean E15; Filled in brows with the e.l.f. Studio Eyebrow Kit in Light. Two coats of L’ORÉAL Extra Volume Collagen Mascara in Black on top lashes and one coat on bottom lashes.  ** All Shadows used can be bought individually or in the Makeup Geek Starter Kit and Z-Palette Bundle **

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The rest of my face..  Revlon ColorStay Whipped Creme Foundation in Buff applied with a damp Beauty Blender.  Dusted face with Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder in Porcelain Ivory with Sigma F30. Used Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer  and light contour; applied with Sigma F35  and blended out with e.l.f. Studio Powder Brush.  Elizabeth Mott “Tints and Sass” used as blush, blended with fingers (review here)  On the lips is  Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain in Miami Fever (review here) 

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Benetint vs. Stainiac vs. Tints and Sass

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This is the show down of the rosey pink lip/cheek tints!  If you recall I received the Elizabeth Mott “Tints and Sass” lip and cheek stain in my July Ipsy bag.  At that time I thought it was similar to the Benefit Benetint in Rose or theBalm’s Stainiac in Beauty Queen. So of course a swatch fest ensued and what do you know all three are different!  I always find dupe lists amazing because there are colors that in the packaging look identical and when swatched look nothing alike and vice versa.

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As you can see they all look very different swatched, this is just one application or coat of each.


Lets start with Tints and Sass.  As you can see it is the darkest out of all three and definitely has the most color.  This is good and bad.  Good because you don’t have to build up color, but bad because its very easy to go over board because its so pigmented! I felt it was a little to red for the fair skin of my cheeks as it was easy to make it look like I had a bit of sunburn!  But I really really like this on the lips as it was a great rose red color.  In the picture below I’m wearing it on my lips and my cheeks.  After applying to my cheeks it was a bit to much so I went back in lightly with a sheer foundation to mute the color as I looked like I had a sunburn.  I think it will work well as a cheek tint I will just need to have a light hand. Out of the three this was the most moisturizing on the lips.  And this does have the faint scent of cherries.

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The Stainiac in Beauty Queen from theBalm is the stain I’ve had the longest and had the most experience working with.  It falls in between Tint and Sass and benetint in color and in pigmentation.  Out of all three I feel like this is the most easy to blend and work with.  But none of the three are that difficult.  On the the cheeks I applied three layers to achieve my desired color and the same on my lips. On the lips I find that it is neither moisturizing nor drying it just is!  That being said make sure your lips are moisturized as it will cling to any dry areas.  I like my lips to feel somewhat moisturized so I added a gloss on top.   At first I didn’t think that this had a scent but after smelling it again I almost detected a wheat scent?! I could totally be crazy as I’m trying to take a break from wheat right now and all I want is to eat a loaf of bread!  But I asked a co-worker to take a sniff and she agreed it did have a strange scent…

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benetint is propably the most famous of the three as it has been around the longest.  Tints and Sass and Stainiac are both more of a gel formula while benetint is much more a liquid.  As you can see from the swatches it is the lightest of the three.  Which is also good and bad.  Good because you have a lot of control over the color as its less pigmented and it’s not something you can easily go overboard with.  On the other hand its less pigmented!  I added four layers on my cheeks to achieve my desired rosey flush but it still isn’t that detectable in the picture.  If you want instant gratification this one isn’t for you, I’d go with Tints and Sass. Out of the three this is the most drying on the lips.  I also added four layers of the color to my lips (which were moisturized) and it clung to every single nook and cranny. As you can see in the picture once a gloss was added the appearance was much improved.  benetint smells like roses so it get a little extra love from me!

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On the Cheeks:: I’m calling this a tie between Tints and Sass and Stainic

On the Lips:: Tints and Sass all the Way!

Longevity:: All Three! benetint wears longer but the other two have great staying power as well.  I’ve never had one fade before I want to take it off.  benetint just took the most scrubbing to get off my arm!

Scent:: benetint ( sorry I love roses!) and Tints and Sass a close runner up. 

Products Mentioned:: 

Elizabeth Mott “Tints and Sass” lip and cheek stain:: $22.99

benetint Rose-Tinted lip and cheek stain:: $30.00

theBalm Stainiac in Beauty Queen:: $17.00

Ipsy July 2014

Today is Ipsy Day!  I actually got my Ipsy bag before I got my Birchbox, but Ipsy got lost under a pile of clothes…. #LifeProblems

photo 1

Alright first off, I’m really not impressed this month 😦  Usually Ipsy beats out Birchbox or its a tie but this month Birchbox beat Ipsy by quite a bit… So lets see what I was not impressed with…

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I have gotten quite a few Elizabeth Mott products from Ipsy, I feel like every month I get something from Be A Bombshell or Elizabeth Mott or both!  I like diversity… this is the Tints and Sass Fabulous Lip and Cheeks Stain in Cherry.  The color is nice and looks very similar to the Benefit Benetint in Rose.  I will have to swatch them side by side and see if they are similar.  Out of all of the products this is probably what I’m most excited to try and as a full size item it more then pays for the Ipsy monthly subscription so I guess I shouldn’t complain about not liking my bag that much…

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Up next is an acne spot treatment from Clear Clinics Laboratories called Vanished. This is a new brand for me, but I have sooo many acne spot treatments in my bathroom its ridiculous! I opened this up and was hit with a very strong odor of Alcohol, like super strong, not crazy about putting that on my face… But I will give it a try and let you know the results.

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This is probably what I’m least excited about.  This is a nail polish from the brand Models Own which is also new to me.  Looking at their website, I like a lot of the polishes they have but I’m not a fan of the one I was sent.  It is the shade called “Red Sea-Splash”  It is definitely something I would have to layer over another color as I think it looks a little weird on my bare nail in the picture.

imageUp next is a product from bareMinerals.  It is the 5 in 1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow Broad Spectrum SPF 15.  That is a mouthful and I’m surprised they were able to get that all on this teeny tiny tube! This Cream promises 5 benefits (so there for its a BB cream?!  I’m getting a little irritated with all the products with double letters, like they’re supposed to be better.  But that’s for another post however before I step off my soapbox I would like to say that I really feel for the letter A, we have BB, DD, CC…). The five benefits are  12-hour long-wearing color, Super-charged primer, Powerful brightening benefits, Smooths fine lines and Protects with SPF.  This product comes in 10 neutral shades and I can’t find a shade anywhere on my little sample.  According the Ipsy site, I would have gotten either Divine Wine or Barely Nude.  Looking online I think out of those two colors I have Divine Wine.



Lastly is a Sunscreen from pur-lisse.  I have fair skin and I live in the sunny state of Florida so I use sunscreen on a daily basis.  That being said my face is very sensitive to sunscreen and I’ve only found a few that don’t sting my face or cause me to break out.  And according to this packaging this was developed for normal-dry skin.  I am not normal (skin or otherwise) and I am nowhere dry, I’m super oily.  So… I don’t think I will be able to use this at all.

Products Mentioned:: 

Ipsy Subscription for $10.00 a month 

Elizabeth Mott Tints and Sass Fabulous Lip and Cheek Stain in Cherry- $22.99

Benefit Benetint in Rose- $30.00

Clear Clinic Laboratories Vanished- $35.00

Models Own Nail Polish in “Red Sea-Splash”- $5.00

bareMinerals 5-In-1 BB Cream Shadow-$18.00

Pur-Lisse pur~protect spf 30-$55.00


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