Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker Powered Bronzer

I have had this bronzer in my collection for over a year and I realized that recently I have been giving it a lot of love so I thought I should write a review on it.  What first attracted me to this bronzer was that it claimed to be self adjusting.  If you haven’t seen my face you should know I am on the pale side (thank you Irish Grandfather…) and I have a hard time finding a bronzer that doesn’t make me look muddy.

PicMonkey Collage2323

If you can tell in the picture this bronzer does have shimmer.  Normally I shy away from glittery bronzer as I personally feel that they draw too much attention to my skin imperfections.  In fact I almost took this back after opening it up and seeing all the glitter.  But I stuck with it with the assumption that like most face products that contain shimmer, only the top layer is loaded with glitter.  However you know what happens when you assume… This bronzer has glitter through out.  But surprise surprise, this doesn’t look to glittery when applied.

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Overall I have been impressed with this bronzer and when I finally use it up there is a possibility that I will repurchase.

What is your favorite Bronzer that I should give a try? 

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The Balm Bahama Mama

Bahama Mama from theBalm is one of my all time favorite Bronzers.  It is a wonderful neutral matte brown, it does not have a reddish shade which I appreciate.   A lot of bronzer (high-end and drugstore) contain shimmer (which is not good for my acne  scarred skin) and tend to come off muddy and orange on my fair skin.  This is a bronzer that I think would work on anyone with fair skin like me to a medium  skin tone.  I have also used this as an eye-shadow, it works great as a crease color.

photo (34)

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Addiction Alert!!

I am such a beauty junkie that I have a set amount each month that I allow myself to spend on beauty related items.  Sometimes I buy a ton of drugstore stuff or splurge on one high end product.  And I have found a App that has fueled my addiction further by giving me high end products at lower (not quite drugstore) prices.  I have talked about the Tophatter app before on my blog.  I have not visited the app in a few months and just this weekend hopped on to see what I could find and boy did I find some deals, and I can’t wait to share them with you!  The first and probably what I am most excited about is

NARS Blush/Bronzer Duo in “the O word, and Laguna” Retail from Sephora $41.00 , Amazon $64.99 (What?! This stuff had better make me flawless for that price!!)  and Drumroll please, the price including shipping that I paid on Tophatter is… $26.00!!!!!  And yes I did a little happy dance when I won and I texted my sister to let her know of my steal. 


theBalm FratBoy Shadow/Blush. This velvety smooth, peachy-apricot shadow/blush adds the perfect amount of color for a foxy flush so you look stellar around the clock. Frat Boy leaves you with a face that’s pretty and polished. Retails for $21.00 from theBalm , $14.86 on Amazon and including shipping I paid….  $12.00!! 


As you can tell I am on a bit of a blush kick right now, I also bought this beautiful color from mark called “Charmed”.  This is the first blush I have used from mark and I really like it!  The pigmentation is good and it lasts all day.  Retails for $9.00 via mark 

What are your ‘go to’ blushes?  Do you stick to one or two, or a plethora like me? Let me know in the comments below!!