Battle of the Makeup Setting Sprays! Urban Decay vs. e.l.f. vs Avon

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If you have been a reader of this blog for any length of time you know that I have oily acne prone skin.  So I’m always looking for a way to prolong my makeup wear and keep it from melting off my face and becoming an oily, gross mess.      With some foundations I can tell a difference when I use a setting spray and with others it makes no difference at all, my foundation will crease and/or just disappear.   No setting spray has been able to stop my oil production so I do still have to use a blotting sheet and/or powder touch up, but I can go longer and/or not use as much powder if I don’t use a spray.


Urban Decay::


Several years ago while perusing the aisle of Sephora (dangerous territory…) I came across the Urban Decay Setting Sprays.  UD has three types of sprays, De-Slick (oily skin), All Nighter (described as a long lasting spray… so normal skin?) and Chill (cooling and hydrating). I have bought and used De-Slick and All Nighter, I think that they both performed the same way on my skin.  De-slick may have been a tad more mattifying but not that much to make a difference in my mind.  Over all I think this product has helped in my fight against oily skin and I think that it does its job as it claims. A full size bottle is 4oz and the price is $30.00 which breaks down to $7.50 per ounce.  So this isn’t exactly budget friendly but I don’t use it every day.  I’d say out of the days I wear makeup (which is usually 5-7) I will use a setting spray 2 times a week.




e.l.f. has a Studio Makeup Mist which it advertises as “hairspray for your face”.  Which in the world of setting sprays sounds about right!  Out of the three, this is the least effective for me.  e.l.f. has a lot a great products that I love and swear by and others aren’t so great.  On the website this product has a 4.1 rating out of 5 so somewhere there are people that love this, I am not one of them.  When first applied it does what the UD and Avon sprays do. But I find that out of the three this one is the least long lasting and I have to do more touchups.  Also the spray nozzle is strange and sometimes it gets stuck or it sprays out in more of stream then a spray.  For someone which combo or dry skin, this could be an option for you.  However my skin is very very oily and this was a no go.  But for $3.00 for 2.2 oz I would say give is a try, you never know it could work for you!





Avon Makeup Setting Spray is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  It does the same thing for my makeup as the UD spray at a fraction of the cost!  I almost didn’t buy this when I say it in a catalog as I just assumed that it wouldn’t work as well as the UD.  I talked myself into buying it for review purposes and I’m so glad I did.  I will not be buying another UD setting spray again as long as Avon makes this.  I really can’t believe that it does everything the UD spay does but is soo much cheaper!  The size is the same 4oz but the price… are you ready for it…$10.00!! that is $2.50 an ounce compared to $7.50.  At this price you could get three times the product for what you pay for one bottle of UD Setting Spray.  And Avon is always having sales, so I make sure to stock up and got it for even cheaper.

Products Mentioned:: 


Urban Decay Setting Spray: $30.00

e.l.f. Studio Makeup Mist: $3.00

Avon Makeup Setting Spray: $10.00

Avon ExtraLasting Lipstick “Forever Red”

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Avon Says:: High-definition color infused with vitamin E and wheat protein. Keeps lips from feeling dry for 24 hours.

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Lara Says:: High Definition color? Yes.  Keep lips from feeling dry for 24 hours? No.  This lipstick goes on smoothly and has a velvety texture.  However, with the name Extra Lasting you would think it would oh I don’t know… be a long wearing lipstick?  Not so much, after wearing for 45 minutes-1 hour I drank my first cup of coffee and it left stains on the rim of my cup.  Within 3 hours it was fading and within 4 it was gone and my lips did not feel moisturized.  Now they were not dry but I didn’t think they were soft either.   And why on earth is a lipstick named Forever Red and is clearly a Pink?  Forever Red says to me, “Hello, I’m a lovely shade of Red…” a more apt name would be ‘Pink Rose’.  Looking online I will say the color does look more pink but I ordered from the catalog and it looked like a red to me.  Anywho, bottom line; this is a lipstick that when applied gives your lips a dose of full color moisture but the moisture is not locked down and nether is the color.  If you are cool with touchups throughout the day this maybe a an option for you. 

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Avon Extra Lasting Lipsick in ‘Forever Red’  $10.00

Review:: Avon Extra Lasting Liquid Foundation

If you can’t tell from my recent posts, I’ve been on a bit of an Avon kick.  Most of the products I’m sharing with you are ones that I’ve had for a while and have either forgotten I’ve had (oops…) or haven’t used because I wanted to finish up a similar product, or I hated it  and kept it around thinking it would magically change…


And this is one of the products that for some odd reason I thought I would love if I just let it sit for a while… Yeah, not working!  I guess the reason I held onto my delusion is that everyone I know who uses this foundation loves it.  Well sorry folks but I hate it! I have oily skin and according to the information I was able to find this foundation is supposed to be suitable for oily skin.  Not my oily skin!  I have tried this with no primer, primers (4 in total!) with different finishing powders and setting sprays… Sorry y’all no bueno!


According to the Avon description “Flawless, lightweight buildable coverage. Looks natural and stays fresh for 18 hours.” Umm, no; more like 1-2 hours tops! First off flawless?  No, This is not a full coverage foundation it is medium and I did not find that it was buildable to much past medium.  Granted I do have acne scarring and pigmentation, but after attempting to “build” it up and seeing no visible difference I turned to a heavy duty full coverage concealer to get the job done.

Looks natural? Well yes of course it does because your skin is showing through because it doesn’t cover anything!

Stays fresh for 18 hours?  Heck no, within 1-2 hours I was an oily mess.  Even on the days I used primers and powder it still did not make a difference.  And really, why should it if the foundation doesn’t have the ability to cling to the primer or absorb the powder? It really just felt like the foundation just sat on my skin.  I can’t describe it but it just didn’t feel ‘right’.  Not only does this make me super oily but it pulls and gathers in my pores (yuck!) and lines around my mouth, not at all pretty people!

This is the second time I have bought this foundation.   I bought it first about two years ago and was not impressed so I returned it.  For some odd reason I thought about two months ago that I would give it another go.  Needless to say this foundation will not be given a third chance.

Review:: Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad

Avon is a brand that has always been hit or miss for me.  Some of their products work really well and others… well I question why they put it on the market.  Today I am going to show you two eyeshadow quads I have from avon and four eyeshadow singles from mark. which is Avon’s teen/young adult line.

 PROD_1157670_LG PROD_1163812_LG

Starting off with the Avon Quad’s each color is labeled with a number and the back of the compact tells you where to place each color.  This is great for someone just starting to get their feet wet in the application of eye shadow.

Lets look first at the quad  in Emerald Cut. Colors 1 and 2 Shimmering Beige and Softened Peach are spotty with application.  They are also super shimmery so be prepared for fall out.  Colors 3 and 4 have a more even application but when applied they are extremely similar in color even though they look like two very different shades of green in the pan. Overall this is the most disappointing.

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Next is the quad in Savage Beauty.  This is a limited edition quad and at the time of this writing was still available through the Avon website. Out of the two quads this one has the better pigmentation and application overall.  The only color that can be a little tricky is Color 1 Gold Dusk.

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all of the mark. shadows have better pigmentation and application then the Avon quad shadows.  I reach for them more often the quads because they aren’t as hard to work with.


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Products Mentioned::

Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad in Emerald Cut $7.00

Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad in Savage Beauty (limited edition) $7.00

mark. I-Mark Wet/Dry Shadow in Whisper (Matte) $7.00

mark. I-Mark Wet/Dry Shadow in Tiki (Satin) $7.00

mark. I-Mark Wet/Dry Shadow in Ice Age (Shimmer) $7.00

mark. I-Mark Wet/Dry Shadow in Steller ( I cannot find this shade on their website)

Z Palette Small Size in Hot Pink $14.00

Tangerine Lip

Everywhere I look it seems that people are trying the Tangerine Lip trend.  I wasn’t really into it at first but seeing several celebrities pull it off so gracefully made me decide to take the plunge.  My biggest tip is to keep the rest of your makeup to a minimum.  I usually go for a very neutral eye and blush when I wear a tangerine lip.  Otherwise I feel like it is too much going on and I want my lips to take center stage.

Check out InSyles guide to Tangerine Lips! 


Check out Lisa Eldridge’s Guide to Wearing an Orange Lip, she is the Makeup Artist who created this amazing look for Keira Knightley


I am wearing Avon Shine Attract in Make My Day 

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Avon Smooth Minerals Bronzer

I have used pressed powder bronzer and cream bronzer, but never a loose powder bronzer.  When I saw this in an Avon magazine, I knew I had to give it a try!  This is actually a dark foundation color and not advertised as a bronzer but I thought it might just work.  When I first received this I thought the color looked way too dark, but after using it several times now, I think its a new favorite.  The powder is super smooth and silky and blends in like a dream.

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Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation in Bronze:: $12.00

October Hits and Misses

Sterling Silver Chain with Elephant Pendant – Silver $19.99 From Target


I love this little necklace and I enjoy wearing it.  It is definitely a conversation starter, every time I wear it I get a compliment.

 Essential Little Black Beauty Book – Eye Edition in Warm $6.00 From e.l.f


I love finding quality product at a great price.  There are only a few products from e.l.f that I have been disappointed in and this is not one of them.  With 48 colors in a variety of matte, satin and shimmer there are endless looks to be created. This was the only eye palette I brought with me when I was out of town for a week.

Maybelline SuperStay 14 Hour Lipstick in Keep Me Coral $6.94 from Walmart


Ok bottom line does this lipstick give you color for 14 hours straight? No.  But does that mean you shouldn’t try it? No.  While it doesn’t live up to its claim of 14 hour wear it is still a long wearing color that doesn’t dry out your lips and has a great color pay off.  I love the shade Keep Me Coral and I feel like it really complements my skin tone, so it is a keeper.

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Dark and Deep Brown $8.52 from Amazon


FINALLY!!! A dry shampoo that doesn’t leave my hair with a white/gray cast and somehow also absorbs oil!  If you have dark hair and are struggling to find a dry shampoo that doesn’t make you look like you are three months past your root touch up then give this one a try.  And bonus, it doesn’t stink!

Bare Face Cleansing Oil $28.00 from Julep


You have oily skin why would  you use oil to clean your face?  Good question, I don’t know why it works but it does.  While the price point on this is pretty steep ( I received mine in a julep maven box) this is by far the best cleansing oil that I have ever tried that doesn’t leave my skin with a slick feeling after being washed off.

Dark Orchid Raspberry Bubble Delight Bubble Bath $8.00 from Avon


I love Avon’s Bubble Bath formula.  It is seriously the best I have ever used. This bubble bath is scented with notes of rare orchids, intoxicating black raspberries and warm blonde wood which essentially smells like heaven!

No Misses I could think of this month, which I guess is a good thing!