Makeup Geek Blushes!

Makeup Geek recently came out with a reformulation of their blushes and added some new colors to the collection.



I have two shades from the first launch and I thought they were pretty good, but the formula on the new ones are much more creamy and pigmented.  And that is saying a lot because the old formula was pretty dang good!



Love Letter— Love Letter is a dusty mauve with a matte finish

Xoxo–XOXO is a watermelon pink with a matte finish

Blind Date— Blind Date is a cantaloupe pink with a matte finish

Romance–Romance is a peachy coral with a golden shimmery finish




These blushes are super pigmented!!! And the formula is like butter, so smooth and creamy for a powder.




These are the two blushes I have of the old formula (which is still a good formula!)

Spell Bound— Spell Bound is a light salmon with a matte finish

Love Affair— Love Affair is an intense pink coral with a matte finish

2 thoughts on “Makeup Geek Blushes!

  1. You’re not kidding! These are so pigmented. I especially like the shade Love Letter! Do you find these last well on the cheeks? I’ll have to make note of these when I finally order some MUG eye shadows!

    • Xoxo and Blind date are great! I wore for about 7 hrs with no fading. I haven’t used Romance yet and I used Love Letter and it seemed to apply a bit patchy. But… I think that may have been an issue with the foundation I was wearing that day. (review forth coming 🙂 ) I’ll have to use it again.

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