Acne Update and YoDerm III

I just had my follow up visit via the inter-webs with my dermatologist! I don’t see a lot of improvement in my skin but I know that this is a process so I’m not giving up or feeling bad about my experience.  My dermatologist is going to make some changes to my regime and I’ll report back to her in another two months.

Week 1 (Hadn’t started any medications)

PicMonkey Collage7566

Week 4 (four weeks on meds)

PicMonkey Collage

Week 8 ( 8 weeks on meds)

PicMonkey Collage2231


I’m still getting new spots and I do think with the medications they are drying up faster but like I said it is not a huge improvement.

This is my new regimen I start today!

– Onexton
– Minocycline
– Sunscreen
– Epiduo Forte
– Minocycline
– Moisturizer


Onexton and Epiduo Forte are topical and the Minocycline is an oral medication.

YoDerm Update I 

YoDerm Update II


What is YoDerm? — Basically YoDerm is a dermatologist that you visit online.  I’m all for trying new things and I thought what the heck! You fill out what they call a “consultation” which is a detailed form about your past acne medications and treatments, how long you’ve had acne, and the like. And you also submit three pictures of your face! The fee for the consultation is $59.00


^^^ If you would like to try YoDerm follow this link to get $20 off your first consultation! ^^^

:: Again, I’m not sponsored or paid by YoDerm to talk about them.  After my first consultation I was given a code to share with my friends that allows them to start at a discount and I will get a $20 gift card from Amazon if anyone signs up::

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