Acne Update and YoDerm II

So I thought my skin was doing better until like right after I posted my initial update last week and then it was like a bolt of lightning and my skin broke out so bad!   But I was warned (as with most acne treatments) that there is a purging time and your skin will get worse before it gets better.

Here is what I looked like 4 weeks ago…

PicMonkey Collage7566



PicMonkey Collage


I picked up round two of my prescriptions yesterday and I’m scheduled to have another virtual appointment in four more weeks.  Thankfully I really haven’t had any problems with my skin drying out but I have had some dandruff which is usual for me.  When I tried Proactive years ago my face was still oily but was red, itchy and had dry patches and my scalp got sooo dry!   I’ll get monitoring and hopefully my scalp will adjust, dandruff sucks! But not as bad as acne… 🙂

See my first update:: Acne Update and YoDerm and me in the future… here is update 3


^^^ If you would like to try YoDerm follow this link to get $20 off your first consultation! ^^^

:: Again, I’m not sponsored or paid by YoDerm to talk about them.  After my first consultation I was given a code to share with my friends that allows them to start at a discount and I will get a $20 gift card from Amazon if anyone signs up::

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