Products I’ve Hit Pan On:: theBalm DownBoy Blush

I’ve worn this blush almost everyday in some way for the past month.  Once I see a little glimmer of the bottom of a product I want to use it nonstop so I can get something new 🙂




You can find this product for $21 on theBalm website 

3 thoughts on “Products I’ve Hit Pan On:: theBalm DownBoy Blush

  1. Wow, did you drop it too?! Impressive though. I’ve only ever finished one blush in my life. I’m going to challenge myself in the Fall to just use ONE blush and see how I feel. Ugh, it’ll be a struggle.

    • Actually didn’t drop this one (but that has been known to happen lol) I’ve found with theBalm powders that once I hit pan a little crack develops and the rest of the product kind of breaks up. The same thing happened with my Bahama Mama Bronzer and the Cabana Boy blush.

      • Oh I get what you mean. I’m experiencing that right now with a pressed powder compact I have, after I hit pan, the remaining powder cracked and is now on the verge of crumbling!

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