Inside Out French Braid Pony

PicMonkey Collage

This is a super easy hairstyle that I like to do on second or third day hair.  I started with second day hair that had some texture and wave left from flatiron curls from the day before.  An Inside Out French Braid  is also called a Dutch or Reverse braid.  All you do is begin like a normal french braid with three sections and instead of crossing your hair over the top you cross under the bottom.


After braiding down about half way down the length of my hair (the bottom of my neck) I tied it off with an elastic and then pancaked or stretched out my braid. If you have fine hair like me it can be difficult to add volume to your braid.  I find that it’s best to have a little texture and grip to your hair which is why I did this style on second day hair that had some texture from hairspray and volume powder.  I also blasted my roots with some dry shampoo before I started the braid.  Once I have the braid tied off I started at the top and gently pulled on the sides of the braid to add volume. Next I gathered the rest of of my hair into a pony and added the top section that I had braided and pancaked into the pony and took the hair tie off the braided section. Then I used a piece of hair from the underside of the pony and wrapped it around the hair elastic holding the pony and used a bobby pin to secure the end of the hair for a more polished look.  I also teased the ponytail a bit to have a little more volume and voilà!

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