The Best of 2015 Random Favorites

This is all the other stuff I like this past year that isn’t really beauty related or I didn’t want to add to much to my other blogs posts.


Best Album of the Year: Adele 25 (because duh its Adele and therefore amazing)

Best Way to Save Money: Ebates!  I made almost $200.00 this year using Ebates.

Best Place to Find Expensive stuff Cheap: HauteLook 

Best Place to Shop, Watch Movies, Listen to Audiobook and Music: Amazon Prime 

Favorite Candle: Bath and Body Works Champagne Toast 

YouTube Hair Peoples: Kaylee Melissa and Lilith Moon

YouTube Makeup Peoples: Emily Noel 83  Tati Westbrook (Glam Life Guru)  Bailey B  Marlena (Makeup Geek) and Jessica Braun (JAMBeauty89) 

**** I watch a lot of YouTube 🙂 ****

Blog: Kate Bryan The Small Things Blog

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