Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer

Jergens Wet Skin moisturizer

I received the Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer in an Influenster box about 4 or 5 months ago…. and I completely forgot about it until I was cleaning this past weekend and stumbled upon it.  There are three scents and I have the Nourishing Monoi Oil; this is what Jergins has to say….

“Step out of the shower and into a floral paradise with the nourishing, floral scent of monoi oil. JERGENS® Wet Skin Moisturizer contains a breakthrough new formula that blends with water when your skin is most receptive to moisture (right after bathing, when your pores are open). Simply rub in and pat dry. Enjoy the soft and smooth benefits of the monoi oil formula, wrap yourself in the scent of the Tahitian gardenia flower and get on with your day. ” 

First off the skin that is not on my face is fairly normal (face is super super oily).  I rarely get dry skin minus my elbows only in the dead of winter (which in Florida is like 5 days 🙂 )  Because my skin is normal and doesn’t feel dry and tight I hardly ever use a moisturizer, body lotion or butter on my skin.  A lot of lotions and body butters are too thick and leave my skin feeling greasy and take a long time to soak in.

The first time I used this I wasn’t overly wowed.  And it is strange to use a lotion (albeit a very thin lotion) on your wet body.  It was ok but nothing that I felt was amazing.    I have used it four times now and I like it more every time! Don’t know what changed but my skin feels very soft after using and I like that I  don’t feel greasy.  If you have very dry skin this probably won’t do much for you.  But if you are like me and have normal to moderately dry skin I think you may like this.  This retails from $5.99–$7.99 so if you would like to give this a go you may want to shop around and make sure you are getting the best price.

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