Avon ExtraLasting Lipstick “Forever Red”

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Avon Says:: High-definition color infused with vitamin E and wheat protein. Keeps lips from feeling dry for 24 hours.

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Lara Says:: High Definition color? Yes.  Keep lips from feeling dry for 24 hours? No.  This lipstick goes on smoothly and has a velvety texture.  However, with the name Extra Lasting you would think it would oh I don’t know… be a long wearing lipstick?  Not so much, after wearing for 45 minutes-1 hour I drank my first cup of coffee and it left stains on the rim of my cup.  Within 3 hours it was fading and within 4 it was gone and my lips did not feel moisturized.  Now they were not dry but I didn’t think they were soft either.   And why on earth is a lipstick named Forever Red and is clearly a Pink?  Forever Red says to me, “Hello, I’m a lovely shade of Red…” a more apt name would be ‘Pink Rose’.  Looking online I will say the color does look more pink but I ordered from the catalog and it looked like a red to me.  Anywho, bottom line; this is a lipstick that when applied gives your lips a dose of full color moisture but the moisture is not locked down and nether is the color.  If you are cool with touchups throughout the day this maybe a an option for you. 

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Avon Extra Lasting Lipsick in ‘Forever Red’  $10.00

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