Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker Powered Bronzer

I have had this bronzer in my collection for over a year and I realized that recently I have been giving it a lot of love so I thought I should write a review on it.  What first attracted me to this bronzer was that it claimed to be self adjusting.  If you haven’t seen my face you should know I am on the pale side (thank you Irish Grandfather…) and I have a hard time finding a bronzer that doesn’t make me look muddy.

PicMonkey Collage2323

If you can tell in the picture this bronzer does have shimmer.  Normally I shy away from glittery bronzer as I personally feel that they draw too much attention to my skin imperfections.  In fact I almost took this back after opening it up and seeing all the glitter.  But I stuck with it with the assumption that like most face products that contain shimmer, only the top layer is loaded with glitter.  However you know what happens when you assume… This bronzer has glitter through out.  But surprise surprise, this doesn’t look to glittery when applied.

PicMonkey Collage32323

Overall I have been impressed with this bronzer and when I finally use it up there is a possibility that I will repurchase.

What is your favorite Bronzer that I should give a try? 

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