Review:: Avon Extra Lasting Liquid Foundation

If you can’t tell from my recent posts, I’ve been on a bit of an Avon kick.  Most of the products I’m sharing with you are ones that I’ve had for a while and have either forgotten I’ve had (oops…) or haven’t used because I wanted to finish up a similar product, or I hated it  and kept it around thinking it would magically change…


And this is one of the products that for some odd reason I thought I would love if I just let it sit for a while… Yeah, not working!  I guess the reason I held onto my delusion is that everyone I know who uses this foundation loves it.  Well sorry folks but I hate it! I have oily skin and according to the information I was able to find this foundation is supposed to be suitable for oily skin.  Not my oily skin!  I have tried this with no primer, primers (4 in total!) with different finishing powders and setting sprays… Sorry y’all no bueno!


According to the Avon description “Flawless, lightweight buildable coverage. Looks natural and stays fresh for 18 hours.” Umm, no; more like 1-2 hours tops! First off flawless?  No, This is not a full coverage foundation it is medium and I did not find that it was buildable to much past medium.  Granted I do have acne scarring and pigmentation, but after attempting to “build” it up and seeing no visible difference I turned to a heavy duty full coverage concealer to get the job done.

Looks natural? Well yes of course it does because your skin is showing through because it doesn’t cover anything!

Stays fresh for 18 hours?  Heck no, within 1-2 hours I was an oily mess.  Even on the days I used primers and powder it still did not make a difference.  And really, why should it if the foundation doesn’t have the ability to cling to the primer or absorb the powder? It really just felt like the foundation just sat on my skin.  I can’t describe it but it just didn’t feel ‘right’.  Not only does this make me super oily but it pulls and gathers in my pores (yuck!) and lines around my mouth, not at all pretty people!

This is the second time I have bought this foundation.   I bought it first about two years ago and was not impressed so I returned it.  For some odd reason I thought about two months ago that I would give it another go.  Needless to say this foundation will not be given a third chance.

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