Review:: Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad

Avon is a brand that has always been hit or miss for me.  Some of their products work really well and others… well I question why they put it on the market.  Today I am going to show you two eyeshadow quads I have from avon and four eyeshadow singles from mark. which is Avon’s teen/young adult line.

 PROD_1157670_LG PROD_1163812_LG

Starting off with the Avon Quad’s each color is labeled with a number and the back of the compact tells you where to place each color.  This is great for someone just starting to get their feet wet in the application of eye shadow.

Lets look first at the quad  in Emerald Cut. Colors 1 and 2 Shimmering Beige and Softened Peach are spotty with application.  They are also super shimmery so be prepared for fall out.  Colors 3 and 4 have a more even application but when applied they are extremely similar in color even though they look like two very different shades of green in the pan. Overall this is the most disappointing.

PicMonkey Collage232323


Next is the quad in Savage Beauty.  This is a limited edition quad and at the time of this writing was still available through the Avon website. Out of the two quads this one has the better pigmentation and application overall.  The only color that can be a little tricky is Color 1 Gold Dusk.

 PicMonkey Collage89898

all of the mark. shadows have better pigmentation and application then the Avon quad shadows.  I reach for them more often the quads because they aren’t as hard to work with.


 PicMonkey Collage


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Products Mentioned::

Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad in Emerald Cut $7.00

Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad in Savage Beauty (limited edition) $7.00

mark. I-Mark Wet/Dry Shadow in Whisper (Matte) $7.00

mark. I-Mark Wet/Dry Shadow in Tiki (Satin) $7.00

mark. I-Mark Wet/Dry Shadow in Ice Age (Shimmer) $7.00

mark. I-Mark Wet/Dry Shadow in Steller ( I cannot find this shade on their website)

Z Palette Small Size in Hot Pink $14.00

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