Starlooks 15 Shade Shadow Palette Part 2

Stop!! If you haven’t read Part 1 of this post  

The Starlooks Palette does not have names for the shadows so I have numbered them as you can see below.

photo 1232323

Lets start with 1-5

1:: Metallic Silver Satin; Beautiful in the pan but not a lot of pigmentation.  To get the color  in the pan it takes lots of layers.  It is nice however as an inner color highlight with just one sweep.

2:: Magenta Matte; again beautiful in the pan but not the best pigmentation.

3:: Green Satin: Great color, great pigmentation.

4:: Light Matte Black; this is one of the more confusing colors in the palette.  It looks like a matte ash brown but swatched looks like a light black.

5:: Matte Charcoal: another perplexing color.  In the pan it looks like a common matte black, but swatched pigmentation shows a charcoal.

photo 1456456465 securedownload (1)4567987496

6:: Champagne Satin; Nice color and pigmentation

7:: White Glitter; Application is patchy and the glitter has fallout.

8: Matte Brown; great color and pigmentation, an excellent crease color.

9:: Copper Sparkle; Application can be a bit patchy but applied with a slightly damp brush (I lightly spritzed with a setting spray) it gives off a beautiful copper with gold sparkle.

10:: Deep Purple with Red Glitter;  This is my opinion is the standout in the palette.  The purple is so deep it can appear at times almost black.  The light has a way of catching the red glitter and it just looks amazing.

securedownload (1)1233232 photo 1232323123121

A better shot of #10 ( you can’t see the glitter that well, but trust me it’s there!)

securedownload (1)123456

11:: Matte Light Brown; this is a disappointing shadow because you can’t see it!  At least on my skin and the consistency is chalky 😦

12:: Satin Cream; this one is also patchy and the pigmentation is off

13:: Satin Gold; finally! Another good color and excellent pigmentation.

14:: Satin Yellow Gold; Another good color and good pigmentation.

15:: Brown with Gold Glitter; What a surprise three good colors in a row!

securedownload (1)123456789 photo 1232323789798

I just checked the Starlooks website and this palette is available for $30.00 but honestly I wouldn’t waste your money.  Out of fifteen shadows there are only 6 or 7 that you can use “as is”, the remainder take a little babying.  Also I am spoiled and most of my palettes have a mirror and this one doesn’t.

Bottom Line:: Don’t waste your money; I was not impressed enough with this  palette for even the reduced price I paid for it to consider repurchasing.

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