Mask Monday:: GLAMGLOW Super-Mud Treatment Mud Mask


It is one of the most hyped up products I have ever heard about.  Can a mask that cost $50+ really be life changing?  Does it really restore damaged skin and improve your skins texture?  And seriously is it even possible to have your skin “rejuvenated”? These are all questions I asked myself before I hit the buy button.  But I was just so intrigued that I had to try this product.  Guess what?  I just bought my third jar…. So I guess that makes me a believer in the GLAMGLOW magic.

The packaging claims  “Pore-Matrix will reveal dots of vacuum extractions, absorption & encapsulation of sebum oils, bacteria & toxins.” As you can see in my photos below, as the mask dries and pulls impurities out of your skin it changes color.   This mask contains Kaolin (which you can read about here) as one of the main ingredients.  My skin glows and feels so smooth after I wash this mask off.  This mask contains tea leaves so don’t be alarmed if you open yours up and see large particles!  As you rinse this mask off your face make sure to do a light exfoliation with the tea leaves.  I believe this is the most money (minus my Clarisonic Mia) that I have ever spent on a skin care product.  And I don’t regret a signle penny.  This mask definitely lived up to the hype for me and I encourage you to give it a try.  The best price that I have found of this product is on amazon where it currently retails for $41.30.  Sephora and  retails for $69.00

Follow this link to get the lowest price!!!    GLAMGLOW Super-MudTM Clearing Treatment 

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