C.O. Bigelow – Rose Salve – No. 012



I found this at Bath and Body Works during one of my many holiday trips.  I lick my lips a lot plus this cold winter has really done a number on my lips in the past few months.  I bought this on a whim and I thought the packaging was super cute and vintage looking.  This salve is lightly scented with rose (which if you read my blog you know is my favorite scent) and is a light pink color but applies clear.



This works fairly well on my lips if they are in ok shape.  If they are very dry and chapped, nothing beats good old Vaseline for quick healing.  Which speaking of, Vaseline now comes in a rose scent! But back to the Rose Salve…  This can be used on other parts of your body besides your lips. I have used this on my cuticles and also on my dry elbows.  I thought overall it worked better on these two areas then my lips but it still is good on my lips.

C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve No.012 Retails for $5.50

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