Mask Monday: Queen Helene Natural English Clay Mud Pack Masque

photo 3

This mask is a recent discovery  and has made its way into my mask rotation.   This mask has both  Kaolin and Bentonite clay (which you can read my post on here) which are both frequent ingredients in facial masks.  This mask has the faint scent of rose to me (which is one of favorite scents so extra points!) and my skin feels extra soft and slightly firmer after use.  I will issue a warning, my sister tried this mask and said that it burnt her face.  I personally feel a slight tingling but not what I would consider a “burning” effect.  She powered through and after 12 minutes or so washed off the mask.  Her face was a bright red and we both were worried that she was having an allergic reaction. After about 15 minutes her face returned to its normal color and she said her face felt soft and firmer but it wasn’t worth the pain she experienced to use it again.  She does have more sensitive skin then I do so that could be a contributing factor.  Point of this story is if you have sensitive skin or I have scared you with this story, do a spot test before you apply this all over your face!

photo 1

This mas goes on a light brown/tan color and dries to white. If you couldn’t tell by the tightening of your face, you will know to rinse off your face when the area you have applied this mask to is white.  I have also used this as spot treatment for stubborn acne and after a night sleep I can tell a difference in the size and color of any outbreaks.

PicMonkey CollageMask

***Queen Helene Masque, Mud Pack – 8 oz***

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