Ipsy vs. Birchbox

Let the great subscription box wars begin!  No not really because I have a feeling most of you aren’t going to agree with me.  It seems that there is no neutral territory in the Ipsy vs Birchbox debate. But, I like both of them, yes you read correctly I like both Ipsy and Birchbox for different reasons. 


::How They are Alike::
Both subscriptions cost  $10 and you receive one box a month.  Both have a deal where you buy a year’s subscription and you receive one box for “Free” meaning you pay only $110 for 12 boxes.  With both subscriptions you receive 4-5 product samples. Also both brands seem to have a lot of overlap with the brands they supply you with. 
::The Difference::
In my opinion with Birchbox you receive more samples sizes then travel or full size compared to Ipsy.   Ipsy has given me more full size products and travel size products then Birchbox has.  With Birchbox (at least for me) I get more sample sizes.  Birchbox does seem to offer more products from foreign brands like Liz Earle (UK), ModelCo and Jurlique (Australia) and Caudalie (France). While Ipsy offers products from professional make up lines like Starlooks. 
With Birchbox for every review you write for the products you receive in your box you receive 10 points, when you reach 100 points you get $10 to spend in the Birchbox store.  You can also receive points for referring friends and for buying products. Also Birchbox tends to send food items as well, I have received chocolate, protein bars and tea in various boxes. 
Ipsy also has a point system which works in a similar way.  When you start with Ipsy you receive 100 points and each product you review from your bag also gives you 10 points.  After you have accumulated emough points you can choose a bonus item to be sent in your next bag. 
::Why Choose One?::
I like the variety that both subscriptions give me and I have found products that I never would have otherwise tried.  And I have also tried things that I thought I would like and hated and I’m glad I received a sample before I went out and bought a full size.  Bottom line; I like both and unless one goes significantly downhill in quality I will continue to keep both
  If you are interested you can join me on Ipsy by following this link http://www.ipsy.com/r/2o2y and you can join me on Birchbox by following this link http://birch.ly/11hDxM6

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