Amore Mio 24K Cell Exfoliating Treatment

Back in July I found the auction site Tophatter.  One of the first things I bought was the Amore Mio 24K Cell Exfoliating Treatment.  This was my first experience with this brand and so far I think it ok, but way overpriced.  I got a steal through Tophatter; I paid $18 (including shipping) and I found the same product on the Amore website for $124.95 that’s a saving of $106.95! The treatment which acts as a peel contains 24K gold, Vitamin C and E and Green Tea. Amore cosmetics and skin care contain 24K gold which the company  claim holds “beautifying properties”. I do feel that my skin is refreshed and clean after use, but I cannot justify spending over $100.00 on this product.  I will use this up and will keep an eye on Tophatter for another deal, but I would not pay full price for this product.


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