Pinterest Fail….

Some of you may have seen this pin floating around Pinterest.


The picture is pretty self explanatory.  After painting your nails you spray them with Pam.  Yes the Pam/cooking spray you use so your brownies don’t stick to the pan.  I painted my nails last week and decided to try this trick since it keeps clogging up my Pinterest feed.  At first I could only find my Butter flavored Pam and I really had a bad feeling about using it on my nails, maybe not a bad feeling but it just seemed weirder then using regular Pam…. I don’t know, I am crazy.  Anywho, I found my Olive Oil Pam and sprayed that mess all over my nails and waited the token one minute.  Now my hands are a greasy mess so I thought, Why not try the other Pinterest Nail trick, soaking your nails in cold water?


Pinterest Fail!! My nails were not dry and were smudged… Sad, sad day, then I had to take off the polish and do them all over again. In short I will stick to my  Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Fast Dry Top Coat


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