Hair Cut!

If you recall I got a bad hair cut in February. I didn’t let shears touch my hair again until last week. Needless to say I was over due for a trim. My ends were really damaged from not getting a trim and it didn’t help matters that the last person to cut it used thinning shears the wrong way (My hair was splitting half way up the hair shaft). I told the woman cutting my hair to get it back to healthy as long as it didn’t involve a pixie cut and I could still pull it up in a pony tail. She took off about four inches so my hair is now a little below my shoulders. I have not had my hair this short in years and I feel naked without my longer hair, but I am happy with how nice my hair looks now that I took off all the dead and limp ends.  On a day I actually fix my hair into some semblance of OK looking I will post a pic.

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