Bad Hair Cut

Soooo….I may be getting the shorter hair that I posted about a few weeks ago, but not by choice.  I went in last Saturday for a trim.  My hairstylist moved to Miami and 3 and a half hours worth of driving is a bit much for a hair cut, even though I love her dearly.  So I just asked for a trim and said, ” trim the ends, I know I have a few splits, so like 1/4 an inch and freshen up my layers.”  and I ended up with two inches gone and she took the thinning shears to my precious thick hair.   The length I was not happy with, but hey it will grow… but the thinning shears, that is another story…

Number one, she did not have me facing the mirror, so I could not see what she was doing, If I had seen the thinning shears I would have screamed HELL NO!  Number two SHE DID NOT ASK IF I WANTED HER TO THIN MY HAIR!!!!!  I seriously have lost half my thickness and have a hair cut fit for a biker/rocker chick, which I am not.  So I have contemplated  cutting my hair, but for now I am keeping it in up-dos or curling it because it looks ridiculous straight (which is normally how I wear it. )  I may post  before and after pictures for you all to get the full effect, but I haven’t had the heart to take  pictures of my shorn locks….

I feel like I am living the scene from Little Women when Jo sells her hair and Amy says, “Jo, your one true beauty!”  Seriously, the one thing I have always loved about myself was my hair.  Every time someone cuts it, or styles it they rave about how thick, and healthy and just overall how wonderful it is.  So I guess my pride in my hair needed to be taken down a notch, or three…. I keep telling myself it is only hair and that it will grow back.     Anyone have a similar story? And I would love some tips or advice on how to weather this crazy growing out phase of my biker/rocker chick hair do!!!


One thought on “Bad Hair Cut

  1. Almost 100% of the oil, when rendered correctly, is made up of triglycerides. Hair loss has become a very common problem these days but this was not the case if we look back in the history. It has been almost a year since my hair started to fall out, and about 8 months since it started to come back.

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