Doing my nails….

So if you are anything like me, I rarely paint my fingernails because I cannot sit still and not use my hands so I end up messing them up.  I recently started painting my nails when I am planning on watching several shows or movies from my DVR.  Sometimes I still mess up, but I have found a foolproof place to do my nails.  Ready for this?


The Movie theater.

Yes, you read correctly, the movie theater.  I did it this past Sunday, my mother thought I was crazy and I am pretty sure the guy in front of me thought so to, but hey, my nails look great.  For those of you who get popcorn and coke at a movie, this will not work.  But for me the price of admission is enough of a ding to my pocketbook.  I painted my nails prior to the trailers starting so I had some light to see what I was doing.

Has anyone else done this or am I the only one?

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